WHM Portal example

As a web hosting reseller you get access to WHM. Below we browse to the WHM Reseller portal (your URL will be WHM.YOURDOMAINNAME)

Outlook setup image 1

After logging in, you will be presented with several options to choose from

Outlook setup image 2

Note the search box, we first want to make a package, you will be making the packages you will be selling to your customers here.

Outlook setup image 3

After entering all the values you want to set on this specific package, click ADD

Outlook setup image 4

Next we enter "create" in the search box, we then get the option to Create an account. You simple enter the details next to each field. And we select the package we made above.

Outlook setup image 5

After completing the wizzard we click Create and the Cpanel account gets created

Outlook setup image 5

The next screen comes up after an account is created, note specifically the NameServer1 and Nameserver2, you will be using this when you now order the domain registration

Outlook setup image 5

Next we selected List Accounts to confirm that the account we just made has been created and is now under the reseller profile.

Outlook setup image 5

Finally, you will either place an order for exampledomain.co.za by either placing an order for domain registration under our client area,
or by sending an email to support@webspacebar.co.za asking for an order to be raised to register the domain exampledomain.co.za

What you get under the reseller profile

As a reseller you get access to WHM. WHM stands for Web Host Manager. On WHM you can make packages, make cpanel accounts, suspend accounts and terminate cpanel accounts.
On the Box1 account you get 10 gig disk space, with only two limitations, the disk space, and the terms and conditions noted on the bottom of our website.
We provide server support
We keep the hosting system online
You and your customers get free access to Softaculous and RVSiteBuilder
All your customer mail outbound is filtered through MailChannels
All inbound mail goes through the diffrent antispam systems we directly support
We back up all your and your customer Cpanel websites on a daily basis
The above, is included at no extra charge to you.

What you don't get under the reseller profile

We do not include billing software on these packages
We do not provide website design related support
We do not provide tech support to your customers
We do not provide account management support to your customers, all resellers need to maintain their customer's accounts

What resellers are responcible for

There are several things resellers are responcible for in our terms and conditions, this is merely to highlight a few items.
Resellers are responcible for their customers website content
Resellers must review our terms and conditions and ensure their customers do not breach those terms and conditions
Resellers must do their own customers' cpanel password resets
Resellers must apply the package size they charge their customers for, to the cpanel account of their customer's domain.
When a customer has reached a disk space limit the onus is on the reseller to tell their customer to clean space or to charge the customer for a larger package and apply that.
Resellers will provide support to their own customers.
Resellers will not tell their customers to contact us for support. We do not support your customers
If a Reseller has a specific server related issue, the reseller will raise that matter with us and we will deal directly with the reseller.

Do you have a managed reseller solution ?

At the fee of R500 a month you can have Webspacebar run your reseller business for you.
This entitles you to the following :
You can email support@webspacebar.co.za asking for cpanel accounts to be made / upgraded / downgraded / suspended / terminated
Webspacebar will directly assist your customers with password resets.
Your customers can directly raise their server related issues with us.
This is called a Managed Reseller solution, its not noted on our price lists as its a extra service people pay for when they need a reseller business ran while they attend to other matters
This esencially makes the WebSpaceBar support team, your personal support team for your customers.
The reason we charge R500 per month for this, is that we need to dedicate resources for this service as it takes support away from their normal duties to support your customers.