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Email Client Setup

This article pertains to how email is setup on an email client to communicate your mail server
Click on File and then select Account Settings.

Outlook setup image 1

If you havent set up your mailbox yet you will select NEW here, for the purpose of this guide we will show you how to edit an already created account.
Select the account if you have already created it and click on Change.

Outlook setup image 2

Enter your name, your full email address, your incoming and outgoing server address will be mail.whateveryourdomainis.co.za (if you have a .com or .net address of anything else you will enter mail.whateveraddress.com/.net) this is just an example.
Your login information must be your FULL email address including @thedomain.

Your email password is what you set for the mailbox on your cpanel.

Outlook setup image 3

Click on Out Going Server. Ensure that you have selected My outgoing server requires authentication and select that it uses the same settings as your incoming server. If you dont do this you will get email delivery failure error 550. (Meaning you didn't authenticate before sending)

Outlook setup image 4

Click on Internet E-mail settings. POP3 port is 110,
set your SMTP to port 26. Remember to deselect the box saying Leave a copy of messages on the server so your mailbox doesn't fill up.

Outlook setup image 5

Error 550

If you get error 550 when trying to send email from your email client ensure that you have enabled "Authenticate Before Sending". If you dont authenticate before sending the server will deny sending your email as its a common practice for spammers to send mail as you, without using your password. We do not allow for sending email without authentication.


To test if your network isn't blocking access to your mail server please see if you can ping it
This is done by clicking Start > Run > type in CMD , a command terminal will open, type in PING yourdomainname
If you get the error that the domain isnt found then perhaps you have a DNS problem on the machine, reboot the pc and try again
If the domain registration happened less than 48 hours ago perhaps domain propagation is still in progress and you should try again tomorrow
If you get ping reply the website should open for you, if it doesnt, try to clear your browser cache and try again.

Testing Ports

In order to test the ports see if telnet is installed. You do this by opening command prompt and typing in TELNET
If you get a message saying welcome to Microsoft Telnet then its installed. If you get a message that the command is unknown then Telnet needs to be installed. Open Control Panel, select Programs, Add Windows features and select to install the Telnet Client.
Once installed, open command prompt and perform the following.
The screen should say +OK Dovecot ready.
If the screen does not say +OK, then your port is blocked, speak to your IT support.
If the screen says +OK , enter the following:
USER enter your full email address ie: USER administrator@mydomain.com
then enter PASS and your password ie: PASS mypassword2011
If you get the message "-ERR Authentication failed." Then you need to go reset your mailbox password on cpanel as its wrong.
If it says "+OK Logged in." then your access to your mailbox is working perfectly and your password is correct.
Type in QUIT to exit Telnet.
If the above was successful you are now ready to setup your email client.

My website isn't on Google

People often think that Google's results are live, this is a common misconception. Google needs to first index your website and then after its indexed it will display on Google what the Google crawler last found while crawling your website. Then people ask "Why is Google showing old content ? Its not showing my latest website since its been updated ?" The answer is the same, You need to submit your website to be re-indexed by Google. The Google Crawler will index your website as often as it receives backlinks to your website and if content doesnt change it visits your website less often.
You can use the below script the submit your website to the major search engines and then you need to be patient while you wait for Google to crawl your website. The wait can be anything from a week to a month before your website may be searchable on the major websites depending on the various companies and their updating schedules.